Can you edit your website content?

With the advancements in technology, you don’t need to have a web developer on standby anymore. You can update your own content. Being able to update your own website does come with some risks if you don’t know how to keep your software up to date.

Make sure your website is protected. Find out how

What can happen if your website is exploited?

Without maintaining your website, vulnerabilities develop as your software becomes outdated.

Vulnerabilities are used to exploit your website in different ways. Some examples are:


Your website traffic can be redirected to a website that they control

Your customer data can be accessed if you have an eCommerce site

Your email contacts can be accessed if you store emails send through your website on the server

Your website can be use to send spam or phishing emails

Malicious software can be hosted on your website that downloads when someone visits your site

With all the new internet regulations are you protected?

If someone suffers a loss due to having used your website, you can be held liable if it’s proven that your software was not maintained. 

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